Fruits Basket

Haru and Rin by Kris
This picture of Haru and Rin is truly beautiful, I only hope I did it justice. If I can find a bigger, better quality version of the pic I may redo it, since my only real problem with the skin is that the image was a wee bit jaggy. Jaggy or not, it was too gorgeous not to skin. As per usual, there is a non-functioning equalizer included in the zip file.
Kyou by Kris
Who has a thing for Kyou? Not me! *cough* Anyway, as usual, there's a non-functioning equalizer included that you can see here.
click to download Kyou by Kris
Our (former) coverboy just had to have a skin of his own. ^_^ The .jpg is a bit blurry, the actual skin is much more clear and crisp. The zip file also contains a non-functioning equalizer that you can see here.