Fushigi Yuugi

click to download Los Banditos by Shell
BANDIT DANCE! *grabs everyone by the arm and throws them into a circular dance* I just HAD to do this skin with my favorite bandits from Fushigi Yuugi -- Tasuki and Kouji. How could I not? They are just too awesome! Now I know this skin is the most annoyingly bright orange possible, but when I think of Tasuki I think of orange, and voila...here ya go! So strap on your sunglasses and do the bandit dance along with this skin. ^_^
click to download Tasuki by Kris
Hooray for beefcake! I made this one for all my Tasuki-obsessed friends. And believe me, there are many. It doesn't have a title 'cause none of us could think of one that was repeatable in mixed company. ^_^ There's no functioning equalizer; after all, how could I cover that up?
click to download Amiboshi and Suboshi by Kris
Another skin where I snagged the name from a friend's shrine in-progress. Sorry Shell! ^_-
click to download Tasuki by Shell
*DROOL* A skin of my favorite anime guy, showing HIS skin *ggl* My second skin with a playlist. And the title? Well that's what I'd like him to do...*grin*
click to download Tatara by Kris
Ah, the terribly tragic Byakko Seishi gets his own skin...I was under a lot of pressure to name this one "Seeds of Love" but it didn't fit on the skin...
I'm really tempted to redo this one with a playlist and whatnot. We'll see.
click to download Miaka & Tamahome by Kris
Aren't these two just adorable? ^_^ This is another one where everything is invisible, though on this skin things do appear when clicked on. I couldn't for the life of me think of a good name for this skin. Ah well...