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I hate the equalizer bars. A lot. But besides that, YAY. A pleased Kris is I. :D The title - shingetsu - means new moon, by the by. And yeah, uber-plain equalizer, but at least it's there.
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While rummaging through my Inuyasha folder I ran across this image, and I knew I had to skin it. If you want to hear my long-winded and slightly overwrought explanation *why* I had to skin it, feel free to click here. Bear in mind that it's one big spoiler for chapter 187 of the manga and episode 52 of the anime. ^_^ As to the skin itself - in the screencap the volume and equalizer are non-functioning since that's the way I prefer it, but in the zip file there's a functioning eq and volume, so use whichever you like. ^_^
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4/12/03 (playlist added 2/19/04)
Ahhhhhh, angsty Inuyasha. Almost as fun as pissed-off-and-cussin' Inuyasha, but not quite. ^_^

*cough* Anyway. I like this one! It came off a lot better than the red one below. There's also a non-functioning eq in the zip, which you can see here.
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Mreh. This could've turned out better. Not that I hate it (if I did I never would've put it online); I do like the skin and I think it turned out okay (and I just *love* the base image) but...I dunno. If I figure out what's bothering me about it, I'll fix it and repost it. ^_^;;;;
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11/17/02 (playlist added 2/19/04)
Sesshoumaru's such a bastard, I love him. ^_^ The title's after the Vertical Horizon song, and refers to the fact that Sesshoumaru (as a full-blooded youkai) is everything Inuyasha *thinks* he wants to be (well, at first anyway) and is also a nod to the Sesshoumaru fangirls out there. Double meaning, ain't I cool? *is really a doofus*