Rurouni Kenshin

click to download Misao by Shell
I can't believe I hadn't done a skin of Misao yet. She's basically my anime alter-ego in some ways *L* She's adorable, hyper and crazy to boot! At any rate enjoy this crazy watermelonish color scheme skin! ^_^
click to download Kenshin by Kris
Apparently there's a running brown theme with the Kenshin skins. O_o Anyway, total cop-out with the title, I apologize. It was the only thing I could think of, and the skin really needed a title. Included in the zip is a non-functioning equalizer, seen here. I personally like it much better with the non-functioning eq, but use whatever you prefer. I may redo the playlist since I can't decide if that's WAY too much cream or not. I'm still considering, I just don't feel like actually redoing it right now. :p
click to download Sanosuke by Kris
Sano, doing what he does best, breakin' stuff. ^_^ It's a It comes with a non-functioning equalizer, seen here. Personally, I think it looks better with the non-functioning equalizer, but that's just me. ^_^
click to download Kaoru by Kris
No equalizer on this one (not enough picture for one, and I'm WAY too lazy to do one from scratch ^_^), but it's a lovely shot of Kaoru, all the same.
click to download Kenshin by Kris
Oh my, what a picture... I almost didn't post this one since it (unintentionally) came out a LOT like the one I did of Seifer, but dammit, Kenshin looks so good in it, I couldn't not. Yes, I'm a Kenshin fangirl, I'll admit it. *grin* It also comes with a non-functioning equalizer, seen here.

Many thanks to The 4th Avenue Image Cafe for the lovely pic. :)