Miscellaneous Anime

Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, by Kris
I could say I think Roy is outrageously hot, but that'd be a horrible, horrible pun and noone wants that. So, yes. I think this is my current favorite out of all my skins. I actually forgot to make a non-functioning equalizer this time, but I will add it in soon. ^^;
click to download Rukia (and her zanpakutou) from Bleach, by Kris
This skin was made in an explosion of excitement when Rukia (and I mean Rukia, the straightforward, take-no-crap girl we met in the earlier chapters of Bleach, not the oh-so-sad damsel in distress she became in the Soul Society arc) returned, and kicked some serious ass while she was at it. The zip also contains a non-functioning equalizer, as usual.
click to download Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN, by Kris
Another one of my smashingly original titles. -_-;;; Other than that I do really like this one, even if the colors don't quite work together. ^_^
click to download Vash the Stampede from Trigun, by Shell
*drooooooool* What a sexy pose of this gun-toting hottie! Don't get too worked up though, Vash is Kris' *L* That's why I made her this skin. It came out really well in my opinion. I tried to make most of the buttons as inconspicuous as possible so I wouldn't take away from the image. For instance if you click on Vash's top two coat buttons you'll get the shuffle and repeat buttons. I also made a non-functioning equalizer that you can see here. The file is included in the zip. BTW the skin is titled after a U2 song which strangely even sounds like the Trigun theme song in some ways.
click to download Naga from Slayers, by Kris
I made this one for a friend after being subjected to an evening of her complaining that there were no decent Naga skins to be found. So here's a Naga skin. *L*