Ah! Megami-sama

click to download Belldandy, by Kris
I made this skin for my husband Tyler, who has a pretty bad crush on Belldandy, though he'd never admit it. ^_^ Bell's knitting in the picture, so I tried to make everything look like yarn in the skin. I don't know if I pulled it off, but I think the skin is cute, even still.
click to download Belldandy, by Shell
Talk about a lot of green! ^_^ This skin is named after a potential shrine that Sha had planned for the goddess Belldandy. Isn't this picture just great? I really love the way the skin came out too! I hope ya like it Sha! ^_^
click to download Urd, by Kris
Urd! Woohoo! *cough* Sorry. ^_^ The title's kinda dumb, but I couldn't think of a better one. That's what happens when I work on skins at 2 in the morning, I suppose...