Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

click to download Sailorneptune by Shell
This adorable image came from a Sailormars doujinshi I won on ebay and I just knew I had to skin it! I obviously had a bunch of fun with the 'cutout' tool for it. There are matching Uranus and Pluto skins in the works; hopefully I'll get to them in the NEAR future *LOL*
click to download Sailoruranus by Kris
I <3 Naoko's new illustrations. I'd like to skin more of them, but I'm having a devil of a time finding good clear scans. Apologies for the lack of a volume bar, that's one that I *hate* to leave out, but there was no way of skinning it where it didn't go right into her eye and look really freaky. ;_; The title, Kaze ni Naritai, means "I Want to Become the Wind" and is one of Sailoruranus' image songs.
click to download Mamoru and Usagi by Kris
I wanted to have this one done by Valentine's Day. I only missed by a week. -_- But yeah. Very purple, very pretty. One of my favorite manga images finally becomes a skin. I'm nothing if not a sappy romantic. :)
click to download Minako and Artemis by Kris
Here's another one I finally finished, after messing with it on and off for months. I think it came out cute, I'm happy with it. *^_^*
click to download Usagi and Mamoru by Kris
And again, the kb/kz boxes are the bane of my existance. >_< The title, Ai wo Shinjiteru, is from one of Usagi's image songs, and means "I believe in love."
click to download Sailormars by Shell
Isn't Mars just ADORABLE in this skin? Well she should be....since my wonderful friend Sha drew it and I won it off of her on ebay. I loved this picture so much when I got it I knew I had to skin it. The shuffle and repeat buttons are hidden on this skin until you click them...I couldn't take away from the wonderful drawing. Love ya Sha! *hug*
click to download Sailormars by Shell
This skin was based on an image I used for one of my favorite layouts I did on fs.c, I knew I had to skin it, and actually this is my first skin with and equalizer and a playlist. Not too shabby for a first try ^_-
click to download Sailorpluto, by Kris
Here we have the mysterious Senshi of Revolution. *insert creepy X-Filesy music here* I can't believe I actually got the kb/kz boxes to look halfway decent!
click to download Usagi, by Kris
What a lovely pic of Usagi, I couldn't resist skinning it. I luuuuv the buttons on this one, too. ^_^
click to download! Black Lady, by Kris
Black Lady, the coolest villan of 'em all. The minimized bar on this one gave me fits. >_< I'm still not quite sure if all the bugs are out, so if anyone has trouble with it, let me know. Thanks!
click to download Sailorneptune, by Kris
This puppy was made from a truly lovely doujinshi pic I found in my wanderings of the 'net. I'm pretty sure there's a similiar pic of Uranus, if there is and I can find it I'll probably make a companion to this one.