Weiss Kreuz

click to download Weiss Kreuz by Shell
Another skin of those sexy bishounen from Weiss! I just can't get enough of these guys ^_^ This skin is named after another of their songs. All the buttons are fully functional and visible, although I tried to make them as inconspicuous as possible. This skin really turned out well, I'm very pleased with it, enjoy ^_^

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Aya by Shell
My first Weiss skin of the gorgeous Aya! The title comes from his code name: Abyssinian (the breed of cat) and his flower: Rose. This skin includes the equalizer and playlist, and the playlist actually doesn't look funny when it's expanded ^_^
click to download Weiss Kreuz by Shell
A group Weiss skin titled after the theme song of the anime. Lord these guys make me DROOL! This skin looks best with the equalizer open since it doesn't cut off Omi-kun's cute little face ^_^ Speaking of faces, I didn't mean to cut off Aya's face, but crap happens eh?