Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install your skins?

A: In newer versions of WinAmp there will be a folder labeled 'skins' in the WinAmp program directory. Simply download the skin zip file into this folder and it should be ready to use. If for some reason you have an older version of WinAmp you may need to make a new folder within the above-mentioned 'skins' directory and name it whatever the skin is. Then you will need to unzip the skin file's contents into the new folder you just made.

Q: How do I see the new skin in WinAmp?

A: Click the 'O' button to the left of the time display block. A small popup window will appear and the second choice is 'skins'. There you can pick the skins you have installed.

Q: Why doesn't the text in the titlebar fit on my WinAmp like it does in your screenshots?

A: If the text in your titlebar looks like this:

and you'd like it to look like it does on the site, it's a simple fix. Right-click anywhere on the skin, then go to Options, then Preferences. You'll get this window:

from there, you want to click on Classic Skins, and that will give you the Classic Skins Options window, where you want to check the box the red arrow is pointing to. After you check the box, restart WinAmp and it should look like this:

and you're good to go!

Q: Do you take requests? If I send you a picture, will you make a skin of it for me?

A: No, sorry. We really don't have time, for one, and we pretty much only skin pictures and series that we like.

Q: What tools and/or programs do you use to make your skins?

A:We use Paint Shop Pro along with a couple of handy stencils Shell found on the 'net to design and cut up the skins. We don't use any specific skinning software.

Q: Can you teach me how to make skins?

A: Neither one of us considers herself a great teacher. ^_^ We learned by checking out some great tutorial links on the web, we suggest that you start at and start with their tutorials and such.

More Q & A as events warrant. ^_-