Final Fantasy

click to download Yuna, by Kris
Okay, yeah. Technically not Yuna, since it's from the opening sequence. But we'll pretend. :D It's a gorgeous image, hopefully I did it justice.
click to download Garnet by Shell
240k's another instance where the screen cap does NOT do the skin justice....I guess it's all the darn red I insist on using. Anyways, here's a skin of the lovely Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. She's just so darned cool I knew I had to skin her and voila, here it is! I'm really happy how it came out, even if it is a bit busy with the zig zags. ^_^
click to download Garnet by Kris
This doujinshi image of Garnet was crying out to be skinned, so I just had to oblige. ^_^ I'm really pleased with the way it came out, I think it's stinkin' adorable. One of these days I'm going to sit my lazy butt down and teach myself how to do the playlists...ack...
click to download Zidane by Kris
Another doujin image I had to skin. It's a little on the...ah...colorful side, but I think it's cute, if you can stomach all that yellow. ^_^ Most of the buttons are there, they appear when clicked on.
click to download Rinoa by Shell
I experimented a bit with this skin and made round buttons! Also so I wouldn't mar the beautiful picture of Rinoa, I made some of the buttons only visible when they are selected or clicked on. Hopefully most of you are versed enough in Winamp to know where these buttons are, and if you don't...well keep looking! ^_^ But seriously, I hope you enjoy the skin!
click to download Squall by Kris
I tried something new (for me) with this one and put the equalizer on top. I think it came out pretty well, actually.
click to download Seifer by Kris
I tried to keep this one pretty basic, as to not overwhelm the great picture of Seifer. Hopefully, I didn't make it too basic. ^_^

As a side note - the .jpg here is horribly pixelizied, the colors on the actual skin are much more vibrant. Yeesh.
click to download Rinoa by Kris
Here's a pretty Rinoa skin that I may be the only one to ever use, since I seem to be the only person on the planet that doesn't hate Rinoa with a passion. O.o;;;
click to download Squall by Kris
God, I love this shot of Squall with blood dripping down his face. I know this one's a bit...visceral, maybe? but (like I said ^^) I love it, I just can't help myself. If I ever get the time and/or energy I may redo this one since I finally thought of a good name for it...