Miscellaneous Skins

click to download Sonic the Hedgehog (Super Smash Bros Brawl version), by Kris
Brawl's release was a HUGE event in my household, and the addition of Sonic to the lineup made it that much more of a big deal. So, a skin to commerate the event.
Thanks to Smash Bros. Dojo for the screenshot.
click to download a Priestess from Ragnarok Online, by Kris
This skin uses some of the official art from my personal addiction, Ragnarok Online. I'm not sure I'm happy with the large pink thing that is the playlist, I may return to it in the future for a redo.
click to download Blue (and Mr Salt, Mrs Pepper and Paprika) from Blue's Clues, by Kris
I made this for my son Brendan who LOVES Blue's Clues and who insisted, for some reason, that he needed his own winamp skin. I didn't originally plan on putting it online, but after seeing many people outside the target demographic for Blue's Clues wearing things with Blue and co on them (including a couple at Katsucon last year, one of which Brendan about tackled. If you're reading this, thanks for your patience), I figured what the hell, someone may like it.
click to download Harle from Chrono Cross, by Kris
Attack of the boxes, part 2! (see the Clamp section for pt. 1) I'd been looking for a good pic of Harle to skin for a while, and I finally came across this far-too-cute doujinshi pic. This is the first skin I've done in a long while that has all the buttons skinned, too. Well, except for the balance and mono/stereo, which I never skin.
click to download David Boreanaz from Angel, by Kris
*falls off her chair* Damn, I haven't had that much fun working on a skin in a while. The image used on the skin is from a "Got Milk?" ad (hence the milk mustache and milk bottle. *grin*) that my friend Stacey was kind enough to send my way.