click to download Bob, by Kris
Kyaa, Web Bob's a hottie. Anyway. This is version 2 of this skin, and it looks much better than version one. In fact, it came out damn well, if I do say so myself. ^_^
click to download Bob & Glitch, by Kris
7/10/00, updated 11/11/01
Well obviously someone thinks he's the man. *cracks up* This was my first skin with an equalizer, and it came out pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. ^_- I just wish more of Glitch could be seen...ah, the trials that plague me...
FYI, this one's meant to be viewed with the equalizer open, it looks slightly odd with it closed. At least, I think it does, but that could just be me. ^_^
11/11/01 - added a nonfunctioning eq (seen here) so Glitch can now be seen. ^_^
click to download AndrAIa, by Kris
Probably my favorite out of all the skins I've done so far, and finally with an equalizer! The skin's named after a silly, but fitting song by Jimmy Buffett about a guy who goes fishing one day and catches a mermaid. ^_-
click to download Hexadecimal, by Kris
Here's Hex, in the now-infamous (at least in my house) "perish in flames" mask. *resists the urge to break into a rousing rendition of "Firewall"*
click to download Mouse, by Kris
Another favorite skin, this one's named after my friend Miri's former Mouse shrine, Power Mouse.