All images in this gallery are scanned by me, and are from the manga. If you're looking for anime images, this isn't the site you want, sorry. ^_^

The gallery is divided into 4 sections:

Materials Collection - Scans from the newest Artbook, released in September of 1999.

Artbook Images - These are images I've scanned from Artbooks 1-5 in no particular order.

Manga Images - Black and white images I've scanned from the manga.

Doujinshi gallery - has been moved to my doujinshi site. ^_^

Now for the fascinating Terms of Use:
If you'd like to use the images in my gallery on your page, for whatever reason, go right ahead. You don't have to email me asking permission, go ahead and use 'em. A link back to my page saying that you got the images here would be nice, but isn't necessary. Want to use a banner to link me? Check here.