Rei Hino - April 17th - Aries

Aries in general:

Aries people are strong and forceful. They are fearless and direct, frank and honest, with a touchy temper and are never shy about voicing their opinions. They never show pain; they'd rather be dead than considered weak. Aries are never lazy, they are hard workers and have a tendency to feel that doing it themselves is the fastest way to get things done. An Aries is loyal to friends and loved ones, they will throw away everything for someone they care about.

Rei's Chart

Sun in Aries: see above

Moon in Aries: Strong, determined spirit with a nasty temper.

Mercury in Taurus: Methodical, very stubborn.

Venus in Aries: Hothead, not easy to get along with, but once you win their loyaly they will fight to the death for you.

Mars in Pisces: Well-balanced thinker, strategist. Very dangerous opponent, always has a backup plan.

Jupiter in Gemini: Moody, tempermental.

Saturn in Leo: Irrepressable, won't quit something they believe in.

Uranus in Scorpio: Strong character and inner spirit.

Neptune in Sagittarius: Not an intuitive thinker, but a positive one.