Usagi Tsukino - June 30th - Cancer

Cancers in general:

Cancers are generally sweet, gentle and understanding people. They are soft-hearted, but are easily wounded, and don't take criticism well. They are known for enormously expressive features (expressive enough to spawn a funny faces gallery :)) and their quickly changing moods are so intense they can be felt. Cancers can be plagued with feelings of inadequacy, and a cancer woman is always concerned that her SO (significant other :)) doesn't love her enough, but she won't let go of that person. Cancer women also tend to cry alot. Cancers have a strong maternal instinct and there is no end to the heroic sacrifice that a cancer is capable of for those they love. Cancer rules the stomach; cancerians love to eat, and wasting food is a crime to them.

Usagi's Chart

Sun in Cancer: see above

Moon in Saggitarius: Optimistic, but too impulsive.

Mercury in Cancer: Pouty and irrational, with skittish tendencies.

Venus in Taurus: Obsesses over relationships, tends to be a flirt or a matchmaker, has a tendency to dwell on love and relationships.

Mars in Taurus: Stubborn as a mule, never gives up on something.

Jupiter in Gemini: Tempermental

Saturn in Leo: Irrepressable, won't quit something they believe in.

Uranus in Scorpio: Strong character and inner spirit.

Neptune in Sagittarius: Not an intuitive thinker, but a positive one.