Minako Aino-December 5th-Libra

Libra in general:

Librans are goodnatured and pleasant, kind and gentle people. They are social, and love people. They dislike extremes, and have a strong sense of justice. Librans can be indecisive, and love to argue every point. Librans tend to be flirtatious, romantic and charming, and enjoy falling in love.

Minako's Chart

Sun in Libra: see above

Moon in Pisces: Intuitive, doesn't miss a thing.

Mercury in Scorpio: Very strong sense of fairness and justice. Intelligent and dangerous to make angry. Has strong leadership qualities.

Venus in Libra: As with Ami, when a planet is in the sign it rules as it is here, it accentuates the basic attributes of the sun sign and makes them a dominant force of the personality. This makes Mina extremely open and generous to a fault, with a sunny personality.

Mars in Cancer: Not the type of person who's looking for a fight, but will kick some tail if it comes to that.

Jupiter in Cancer: Balances out the sunniness somewhat.

Saturn in Leo: A very happy person :)

Uranus in Scorpio: Strong character and inner spirit.

Neptune in Sagittarius: A positive thinker.