Michiru Kaioh - March 6th - Pisces

Pisces in general:

Pisces are intutive, they are considered the most "psychic" of the zodiac. They are imaganitive and sensitive, compassionate, kind, caring and selfless. They are artistically gifted, often finding fufillment on the stage. Pisceans are often more concerned with others problems than with their own. They are intensely loyal and faithful to loved ones.

Michiru's Chart

Sun in Pisces: see above

Moon in Sagittarius: Forms strong psychic bonds with loved ones.

Mercury in Aquarius: Free thinker with a good understanding of the abstract.

Venus in Aries: Strong maternal instincts, works toward the greater good.

Mars in Aquarius: Dangerous opponent. Good at secondguessing enemies, methodical.

Jupiter in Pisces: Empathic, confident.

Saturn in Cancer: Has a dreamy quality about her, considers finding peace important.

Uranus in Libra: Understands how positive and negative forces work and how to balance them.

Neptune in Sagittarius: A positive thinker.