Ami Mizuno - September 10th - Virgo

Virgos in general:

Virgos are perfectioninsts who methidocally note the smallest details. They are basically shy, standing out as loners, and tend to be uncomfortable in crowds. They very much emphasize duty over fun, and can't stand procrastination or laziness. Virgos are known to be brilliant, they are dependable and sincere and make excellent doctors and nurses.

Ami's Chart

Sun in Virgo: see above

Mercury in Virgo: When a planet is in the sign it rules as it is here, it accentuates the basic attributes of the sun sign and makes them a dominant force of the personality. To quote my friend Stacey this turns Ami into "super anal-retentive girl." :)

Venus in Leo: Nuturing, caring individual.

Mars in Cancer: Cool, calm temperment. Not really a fighter unless backed into a corner.

Jupiter in Cancer: Shy, doesn't make friends easily but does make them for life.

Saturn in Leo: Irrepressable, won't quit something they believe in.

Uranus in Scorpio: Strong character and inner spirit.

Neptune in Sagittarius: Not an intuitive thinker, but a positive one.