Got money to burn? Then you've found the right place! This is my personal Sailormoon shopping guide. I've seen plenty of shopping lists on other sites, but they all seemed to be just a bunch of links, with no info about the site or the company itself. These are all sites I've ordered from (or my husband has ordered from for me for Christmas or my birthday) and I've provided my opinion of each site. The various sites may (and probably do) carry more than what I've listed them under, I've just categorized them by what I purchased from there. Did that make sense? I hope so... ^_^;;;

Manga and Artbooks

Anime Nation Always the place to start (at least for me), I've bought more stuff from Animenation than I care to admit, and have never had a problem.

VOE Anime Online (which has now become ChibiTokyo - same people, different name) - Another favorite of mine. Each order I made I received a personally-written email thanking me for ordering, which is a really nice touch. They also have a lot of fun with their site-it's dedicated to Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo (which I enjoyed, since they scattered Ryo-ohki through it :)

Dolls, Toys and Such

Wizzywig Collectables They're wonderful to deal with, and they were the ones who found my Pluto Petit Soldier for me, so I'll love them forever. (which recently became - it's the same people, just a different name) They were originally the place for UFO catchers, but now they're one of my favorite doujinshi sites. They're great.

Cels A great place for cels, and they're a must-visit just for the captions they put under the cels. :D

Aino Anime Trader Very nice, very personable, and they almost always have a great cel selection.


Ebay is a horse of a different color. In case you haven't heard of it, Ebay is an online auction house. Type Sailor Moon into their search, and you'll probably come up with around 2500 (!) different items up for auction. You can find some great stuff on Ebay but you can also find a lot of junk, too. You just have to know how to play the game. If you're going to buy off of Ebay, you should know going in how much the item you're bidding on is worth. For example, don't bid $25 on a manga, when you can get it on the 'net for $10. Just be smart, and be careful!