Okay, yeah, "multimedia" is a bit of a misleading name, since all there are here at the moment are .wavs, and multimedia leads you to believe there's more than one type of thing here...sorry 'bout that. ^_^ Anyway. All sounds are in .wav format (all the better to use in your Desktop ^_^), and made by me. If you'd like to use these .wavs on your website, go right ahead; just no direct linking, please. Thanks!
Moon Princess Halation 178kb
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache 184kb
Moon Eternal, Make Up 135kb

Shabon Spray 173kb
Shine Aqua Illusion 97kb
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody 166kb
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up 89kb

Akuryou, Taisan 60kb
Burning Mandala 170kb
Mars Flame Sniper 54kb
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up 94kb

Supreme Thunder 87kb
Sparkling Wide Pressure 88kb
Jupiter Oak Evolution 142kb
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up 101kb

Crescent Beam 81kb
Venus Love Me Chain 103kb
Venus Love And Beauty Shock 190kb
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up 95kb

Pink Sugar Heart Attack 195kb
Moon Prism Power, Make Up 135kb

Pluto Planet Power, Make Up 79kb
Dead Scream 61kb

Neptune Planet Power, Make Up 117kb
Deep Submerge 87kb
Submarine Reflection 89kb

Uranus Planet Power, Make Up 118kb
World Shaking 81kb
Space Sword Blaster 103kb

Silence Glaive Surprise 65kb
Silence Wall 49kb